Welcome to our store!

We are a national e-commerce distributor for beauty and grooming supplies for men, women and children. Our company is independently owned and operated. Our focus is on the needs of the “DIYer”; therefore, we are very particular in making sure we offer products and solutions that have good success reviews, are easy to use and or provide the information for usage.

While we sell products for all types of beauty and grooming needs.  In addition our company is uniquely positioned to help the following customer:

  1. Those who wear hair extensions, wigs and toupees.
  2. Our e-store will focus on quality product and tools to take care of all the hair whether for on a regular basis or while in between salon visits.

  3. Those with hair loss and thinning concerns
  4. We are uniquely positioned and trained to help those with this concern because of our training and our collaborations with persons that specialize in the area of trichology. When used for the right condition, the products and tools we offer od work, they are not gimmicky. They have been proven to work and are recommended by many trichologists and hair loss practitioners.

Our small team brings over 40 years of knowledge in help provide great products.

Our goal is to ALWAYS offer you products and services of quality and value.

Thank you for visiting our website and feel free to share any comments or to ask any questions.